Dolichi View Appartment is Unique in more than one ways:
Unique Location, unique View, unique Space, unique Energy, unique History. Just brightly reformed from the wellknown -since 1995- “Dolichi ArtSpace Restaurant” to this unique 100sqm Appartment. On the port of ancient Pythagorio, facing the Aegeon Sea from its first floor veranda, overlooking everything, provides Restfulness, Completeness, the calm feeling that the whole village belongs to you. Space designed to serve and surprise with its originality, furnished with modern and antique pieces, covers every practical need and provides Living In Style.

Arrived to the dream island of my childhood 20 years ago to raise my own kids close to nature and safety. Enchanted by the beauty of Samos felt that this is where i want to be. Created a restaurant that provided entertainment through it’s unique enviroment, through music, art excibitions, selected wines and dishes, through it’s esthetic aspect. Now i’m involved deeper with music and singing and participate in various samian groups that have to do with arts: music, performing, cinema, photography. Love to walk and exercise in nature, helping -by every way i can- to the development of my Samos.

Staying in Dolichi View is unique experience cause gives you the facility to totaly relax in the hurt of the motion in it’s bright, positive energised, comfortable and sound proofed space, by having everything at your feet:archaeological sites, museums, rentals, beaches, shopping, food market, restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, massage salon, beauty salon. Being in circulation and the same time maintaining autonomic and private. Living in style!

Languages spoken: Italian, French, English